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Above: Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, the world's greatest collector of books and art related to John Milton

examines his copy of the Paradise Lost Gold Elephant Folio, April 14th 2012





A third 13 X 19 inch elephant folio has been produced for tour. It  contains the complete synopsized version of Paradise Lost plus the Wickenheiser commentary and all of the illustrations as giclee prints. There are also many original drawings and decorations by Terrance Lindall and even some 24 k gold leaf appointments. It is an impressively large folio designed to engage the viewer who will actually be able to open the book and turn the pages, not usually allowed for in rare book collections, a great way to engage students of Milton!


Besides the book for display, we provide: 


1) A set of framed giclee prints of the drawings

for exhibit


2) The Paradise Lost Broadsheet for classes


3) A DVD of Lindall's recitation that can be played in classrooms


4) FREE Paradise Lost Scroll Brochures


5) Paradise Lost Gold Folio book and postcards

for the shop




We suggest a four week display. Ask for prices. Shipping additonal. Insurance must be provided. 

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